March 30th, 2011 by Niall Harbison in facebook

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(Update to this post) : Looks like Facebook have started insisting on a minimum Ad spend of £50,000for brands. I’m writing this post because this blog has a decent audience of business owners and I want to give them a kick up the ass to start offering Facebook deals. I’m doing it part out of selfishness as I want to see more deals appear but also to open people’s eyes about just how simple it is to do and attract real physical punters in to your premises. The information is out there already and Facebook are trying to encourage people to offer deals but businesses seem oblivious to the possibilities so now with no more excuses here is the complete guide on how to do it yourself. The benefits are that you can get more customers in to your premises and if they do check in to claim your offer they are telling all their friends and raising awareness of your business and the deal to their own social network. The best part is that all of this is free (for now!) and you can have a deal set up in minutes. 250 people access their Facebook account from mobile devices now so you would be a fool not to tap in to that huge potential. Get cracking with setting up your own Facebook deal now…

Claiming Your Facebook Place

So the first thing you need is a knowledge of Facebook places. Facebook places essentially allows users to check in to physical places using their mobile phone. Once they check in somewhere it publishes an update back to their Facebook page. Your Facebook business page and and your Facebook place can be linked up and to do that you will have to find your Facebook place and look for the “is this your business” link on the left hand side. Clicking on that will bring you through a step by step process that will allow you to claim that place and become the owner of it.

Adding A Deal

Once you have claimed your Facebook place you should go to that place and you will see a button that asks you if you want to create a deal. Clicking on that will bring you on to the image below which gives you a selection of deals that you ca offer your customers. As you can see the deals are fairly self explanatory and you can tailor a deal based on what you can offer to incentivize your customers with.

Once you’ve added your deal you’ll be able to define it a little further (first 20 people to check in get the deal, 20% off, check in 10 times to get a free coffee etc etc). You can set a time limit on deals and all deals need to be approved by Facebook which can take up to 48 hours. In just a few simple steps though you have created your very first Facebook deal and can now sit back and wait for customers to find you while they are out and about using Facebook.

How Do Customers Find And Claim Deals?

In an ideal world I walk in to a shopping center or shopping street and find all the deals that are in my area by opening “nearby places”. Deals are marked with a little yellow tag and you can flick through them. In countries where this is already well established like UK and USA there are more and more deals but here in little old Ireland I have only been able to spot 2 (hence writing this post). Customers who spot a deal can claim it by simply walking in and showing that they have checked in on their phone.

The Benefit Of Deals

It’s pretty obvious that you would want people to find your deals because not only would it bring more people physically in to your premises but it also pushes that information back to the users Facebook profile alerting their friends. If you are smart about it you can get groups of people checking in to your
premises (bars, nightclubs and restaurants take note) or even use deals as a cheap loyalty card solution. The future of deals is going to evolve even further as group buying comes to Facebook in a couple of weeks and it’s well known within the industry that hyper local advertising like this is the future. You have a chance without Facebook deals to dip your toe in the water and give this a shot for free so please please start offering some deals!

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