Teenagers choice

In Mclean High School, two out of 20 students are reading newspaper. Ex-Exe. Editor Downie admitted the shrinking business of newspaper.

It is not the first time that we asked the teenagers. Dr Bill also asked the high school students in Phoenix and received the same answer.

Students told me they would like to surf the internet and acquire news from their friends. Sometimes they would like to watch TV, sometimes they even watch TV shows to get the news.

But not the newspaper.

Pessimistic atmosphere

I want to find the future of newspaper, but he frankly said no one knows the future. Everything by now that the Post is doing is trying.

My friend, one editor in DC has her own opinion towards the Post. She said, “Look at today’s Post, half of the A section is talking about Afghanistan. Some will care. But how do you ask one American care the news happened at the other side of the world?”

She told me that the newspaper reporters in DC have pessimistic feeling and they are trying to find their own positions. Someone became PR person, some change their jobs as lobbyists, some wrote books and became the experts.

Personalized news service

One Executive in Internet media told the press that, contemporarily people showed the interest that he or she needs personalized news. If so, the future of newspaper is gloomy. How a mass communication tool media like newspaper satisfy all its readers?

Now we are researching the possibility to provide personalized news. I hope we could succeed. At least people has the need.


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