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One thought on “My Son

  1. My Son is One year old!

    On July 14, Kevin was born. What a miraculous thing, the day before, he still hided in his mother’s belly. I witness the whole course. I really love my wife. She experienced a very hard day. Kevin is our lifetime gift.

    The next day, he was sleeping. I took 5 pictures of his first yawn. He is pink, in and out, cute and satisfied.

    The 100th day is a big day to Chinese family. We took him to one studio. He began to be naughty. We spent 2 hours then got a couple of precious and co-operative pictures.

    He is growing up, 3.5Kg, 5kg, and 10kg. We took him out for fun. Everyone told us he looks like a girl. Although it is not correct, but we seem enjoying that mistakes.

    Now he is 1 year old. He can walk then he can speak. But unfortunately I am in America. I missed his first step, and received “Pa Pa” through Skype.

    I am learning everything about Internet and new media in Cronkite, but how can they duplicate my son for me to live the whole year in Phoenix?

    I miss my family. Hope they can easily get visa and come to America smoothly.

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