Reading through the first 6 chapters of “Journalism 2.0”, I have summarized 20 requirements that contemporary journalist should have. It is how we can survive and thrive at this internet age. I just read through the half of the book. I will learn more and will report to you.

 1. Take information


B. Google Alert

C. Google Map

D. Twitter hash tag

E. Office Excel to calculate and make notes

2. Transfer and store files


G. Google Doc (store and share files)

H. Contact list

3. Web 2.0 – interaction

I. on-line survey

J. blog

K. crowd sourcing for on going news (like wiki & Firefox)

4. Mobile 2.0 – cell phone application

L. subscribe news

M. report the news

N. Cater to 3G

5. Making online news

O. headline is the most important

6. Social networks

P. Facebook (be careful about your pictures)

Q. Twitter

R. MSN messenger

S. Skype

7. Time management

T. plan every day (urgent important, un-urgent, unimportant)


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